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The other face of the mirror
[A Vignette]

This vignette is the counterpart of chapter 49 of Obstacles to Overcome, where our dear couple has a major fight because of Darcy's possessiveness. As you'll see in this little update of their life together, Darcy might be a controlling freak, but Elizabeth is no saint.

Obstacles to Overcome
[WIP - Modern/R]

... "Thomas! Thomas!" Fanny Bennet trotted towards the stables.

"Oh, no, there she comes." Thomas Bennet rolled his eyes at his second eldest daughter. "Surely she's coming to tell us about our new neighbours, Lizzy."

Elizabeth released the mare into her stall, "I was hoping we could live in peace for a little longer but it seems that she already knows. I'm sure that Aunt Phyllis is the one who told her."

Fanny reached them and spoke in between pants. "Thomas, you'll never believe this. Do you remember I told you that someone was interested in renting Netherfield stables? Well, it seems that they finally closed the deal. And do you know who?" she didn't wait for a reply. "The Midlands Equestrian team! They will use it as training quarters. Can you believe that? Netherfield of all places! I think this would be an excellent opportunity to do business with them. Surely they will be interested in what we have to offer." ...

Thus begins Belén's modern day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice taking place against the background of the equestrian world.

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